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Wheelchair fencing is a fierce, fast-moving sport take place on a piste. During the competition, athletes complete in wheelchairs that are fastened to the ground by fixing devices, which giving them freedom of movement in the upper body, and the aim is to strike the opponent by the weapon in the scoring areas.

There are three weapons in wheelchair fencing: foil, epee and sabre. Each of the weapons has its own scoring area, the body in foil, and anything above the waist in sabre and epee. In foil and epee, the hits can only be made by the tip of the sword, while in sabre, points may also be scored by using the edge of the sword. When fencer hits by striking their opponent cleanly in the valid area, the hits will recorded by the electronic scoring system.

People with locomotor disabilities are eligible to compete in wheelchair fencing; the most common are amputations, paraplegia, congenital malformations and strokes. Categories are generally divided into A, B & C, according to each athlete’s balance in the wheelchair, and the condition of the arm which will wield the weapon.

For more details about wheelchair fencing, please visit IWAS Wheelchair Fencing website.

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